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Impact Counseling and Consulting Services, LLC & Michigan Behavioral Consultants.           


    Even though this is a challenging time there is help.  My name is  Joseph Lee, I am an African American Cognitive and Behavioral Therapist and Licensed K-12 School Counselor. I am the CEO of Impact Counseling and Consulting Services and partnered with Michigan Behavioral Consultants, therefore able to provide for most, if not all of your counseling needs right on site.  We have two locations 2060 East Paris, Suite 200, in the Heritage Pointe Building complex in the Michigan Pain/Behavioral Consultant offices. The second location is conveniently located downtown at the Masonic Building 233 East Fulton St, Suite 114, Grand Rapids MI 49503. Each location is conveniently located right on the GRATA Bus route. 
   ICCS was created to provide highly competent, culturally relevant, and relatable counseling options for youth and adults struggling with behavioral and mental health issues like anger/aggression management, decision making, respect for authority, anxiety, impulsive behavior at school, home or both. ICCS also specializes in assisting those suffering from PTSD as well as chronic pain. I am very familiar with and can assist students meeting counseling requirements to be reinstated after being placed on long term suspension or expulsion. I can also assist students meet counseling requirements that are required by juvenile court to be in good standing. 

    Previously, before starting my own practice, I worked as a Prevention Services Therapist and Supervisor. In this position I assisted hundreds of youth considered at risk, suspended or expelled from Grand Rapids Public Schools and from surrounding area school districts to be reinstated, and or have their records expunged for minor convictions. 
   Further, ICCS has already established collaborative partnerships with various organizations to assist clients in meeting the community service requirements needed to be reinstated and can assist families with additional supports and mentorship opportunities as well.

    Most Insurance is now accepted, and ICCS can assist those without insurance as well. Therefore, I am excited to be able to provide counseling services to families with low to no cost options. Make an appointment Today, contact Joseph Lee at 616-617-9522. Transportation assistance is available, and remember “Counseling May Not Take, If The Youth Can’t Relate.”


If you have any questions or issues scheduling an appointment I can be contacted directly at 616-617-9522


Joseph Lee MA, LPC, NCC, & Licensed School Counselor  
CEO of Impact Counseling and Consulting Services, LLC
Downtown Office
233 E. Fulton, Suite 114
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Joseph Lee MA, LPC, NCC & Licensed School Counselor.
CEO of Impact Counseling and Consulting Services.
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